Aczet Semi Micro Balance (80g/220g-0.01 mg, 5 Digit) (0.01 mg/0.1 mg dual range)

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  • Description

    Aczet Semi Micro Balance (80g/220g-0.01 mg, 5 Digit) (0.01 mg/0.1 mg dual range)

    Make: Aczet

    A semi-micro balance can read 0.01 mg or 10 µg, and it can hold up to 220 g of material. It measures small sample sizes with accuracy. It provides improved dependability and performance for research and laboratory operations. There are two varieties: dual-range, which has two distinct ranges and sensitivities, and single-range, which has one fixed range and sensitivity. Select the appropriate semi-micro balance for your exact measurement requirements.

    The Ingenious Verified Technology

    With its unique design based on electromagnetic force compensation (EMFC), the technological sensor really stands out. Its outstanding performance satisfies the most demanding international requirements. Its distinct qualities and the outcomes it produces have really astonished me.

    Internal calibration

    Precise weighing performance under all circumstances is guaranteed by a motorized built-in weight internal calibration.

    Influence of the environment 

    The system is automatically calibrated via the Perfect Self Automatic Calibration (PSAC) function in response to temperature or time variations, ensuring precision.

    Mass Measurement Quantity Revolution

    With the greatest weighing accuracy and sd ≤ 1d repeatability, our weighing equipment establishes a new standard for mass measurement quality. Strict adherence to USP regulations (chapters 41 and 1251) is maintained to guarantee the greatest caliber of measurement.

    Protection Against Overload

    Keep an eye on the integrated capacity tracker to avoid packing the weighing cell to capacity.

    Effective Function: 

    The glass draft shield of the balance, featuring a chamber that opens from three sides, is incredibly roomy and easy to operate, offering enough of workspace without the risk of spills.

    Protection Class:

    The balance is rated for IP 54 protection, which guards against water splashes and dust.

  • Specifications
    Brand Aczet
    Make Aczet
    Temperature Range (°C) 15º to 35ºC
    Display 5 inch Touch Screen
    Power Supply AC 220V / 50-60 Hz
    Weight 9.3 kg
    Max. (Capacity) 80 / 220g
    Readability (D) 0.00001 / 0.0001 g
    Repeatability (+/-) 0.08 mg
    Min. (Capacity) 1 mg
    Verification Scale Intervals (e) 1 mg
    Calibration Motorised Internal Calibration
    Response Time 5-8 seconds
    Pan Size (mm) 80 mm Ø
    Tare Range Full
    Sensitivity Drift (+/-) ± 1 ppm (1 x 10?6 / °C)
    Density Measurement Function Available
    Key Sound Yes
    Unit gm, mg, ct, GN, mo, oz, dwt, t1T, t1H, t1S, mom, Bat, MS
    Baud rate Options 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600
    Interface RS232C
    Compliance ISO, GLP / GMP Compliance
    Minimum sample weight 2 mg
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