Nanofog ULV Fogger 3018 SFD (6.5 Ltr)

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    Nanofog ULV Fogger 3018 SFD (6.5 Ltr)

    Brand: Nanofog

    Make: Idealin fogging systems


    Nanofog is used predominantely for the application of disinfection at hospitals, Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Industries, Clean rooms, Healthcare, Biotech & tissue culture labs, Dairies, Food processing areas and Hatcheries etc. 

    Nanofog '30 series' foggers generate a fog or a mist formed by Ultra Low Volume (ULV) uniform sub-micron size liquid particle (Dry fog). Liquid formulations can be applied in concentration of 2-90% and at flow rates of 1-3 litres/hour using adjustabke Flow Control Mechanism. Nanofog foggers run on a high speed FHP motor that provides maximum thrust or spray; coupled with the advance thrust design of air jet nozzle, the '30 series foggers achieve fog thrust of >50 feet. The machines with storage tank ranges from 6.5 Ltr (SS316 grade) or 8 Ltrs (HDPE grade) are capable to cover an area of >20,000 cft.

  • Specifications
    Brand Nanofog
    Make Idealin Fogging System, India
    Particle Type Uniform Sub micron
    Noise <88 db @ 1 meter
    Power Supply 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    Flow rate 0-50 ml/minute (Adjustable)
    Tank capacity 6.5 Ltr
    Speed Range 24000 RPM
    Timer 1-99 min
    Material of construction (MOC) SS316 L (Tank)
    Area Coverage >20,000 cubic ft
    Flow Control Mechanism Included
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Nanofog ULV Fogger 3018 SFD (6.5 Ltr)
Nanofog ULV Fogger 3018 SFD (6.5 Ltr)
Nanofog ULV Fogger 3018 SFD (6.5 Ltr)