Refurbished Shimadzu HPLC 2010CHT

  • Part No. / Product ID: RE- LC-2010 CHT
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    Refurbished Shimadzu HPLC 2010CHT*

    Shimadzu high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems exhibit excellent dependability, remarkable area reproducibility and very low carryover, as well as outstanding data quality.

    Based on the concepts of automated validation and high-throughput analysis, the LC-2010HT is a next-generation HPLC. The quaternary low-pressure gradient unit, pump unit, mixer, rapid autosampler, column oven, UV-VIS detector with thermostated flow cell, and degassing unit make up the LC-2010HT.

    By integrating the units and standardizing the flow line configuration, system reliability has been further increased.

    *IQ,OQ,PQ cost extra and logistic (Packing forwarding and delivery) cost is at actual (to pay basis).

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