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Diversity drives business!

But, without rational transactions, in today’s callous competition, every ‘business cluster’ starts getting distressed. Unreasonable stipulations Dissatisfy either Buyer or Seller and sometimes both. To address this conundrum, We have conceptualised the CTOP platform. We say decisions are made easier here.

CTOP is a one-of-its-kind, e-commerce marketplace called and we sell environmental, analytics, lab essentials, and vital research and process equipment for the life sciences. In the fields of fluid handling, environmental testing, sample preparation and handling, and chromatography, we work with a variety of specialist brands. In the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, life sciences, environmental, and food and beverage sectors, our equipment and supplies have been extensively utilised. We partner with a particular set of top suppliers who have reliable products.

Additionally, we are professionals in providing outstanding technical support and quality management services. We are creating a group of technical assistance specialists who are a mix of young enthusiasts and product specialists with scientific training and professional experience. Customers look to this team for assistance with product selection for their application, equipment troubleshooting, and regulatory compliance problems.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company for turnkey solution projects and pharmaceutical services. We are Customer Centric, Passionate, Connected, and Collegial.