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Freight charges can be estimated in your cart, except under certain conditions. You must enter your zip code or be logged in, to see your options for expediting delivery and the cost for each method. 

If we cannot provide shipping charges during checkout (for oversized example items, drop-shipped from the manufacturer, or shipping outside India.), final shipping charges will be added at the time the order ships. Orders that include drop-shipped items (i.e. chemicals) may be charged separate shipping and handling fees.

If a shipping method is not specified, we will determine the most expedient and efficient means of shipment. Appropriate charges (such as freight and insurance), provided by the various carriers used by CTOP Pvt Ltd will be added to your invoice (if needed). These charges are determined (at time of shipment) by-product plus packaging weight, overall package dimensions, as well as any other special shipping requirements, such as HAZMAT materials. Your final shipping costs may differ.

If Material is 'In Stock' Material Delivery will be delivered within 7 business working days, if the material or service is out of stock or for customised products or services delivery will take 4 weeks. If a shipping method is not specified, the customer or client will have to confirm delivery time from CTOP Pvt Ltd before placing an order.